Business Professional Women- Monthly Subscription

This membership is focused on outfits to keep you looking your best at work. It will keep your closet rotating so you aren't always wearing the same outfits and since we also handle all the laundry, it will save you a ton of time & money. This is such a great solution for those who's weight is fluctuating too. It is also beneficial if you have limited closet space. Lastly, this is absolutely for you if you're wanting to stay on a budget while still dressing nice and staying trendy.

Included in your membership are the following perks: insurance, a personal stylist, dry cleaning, delivery and pickup right to your office, and 1 item of your choice for you to keep each month at no cost. Any additional items you'd like to purchase will be 70% off of normal retail price, which is a very big savings!

You will receive 10 items each month, pressed and ready to wear, in a garment bag with your name on it. Included in a mesh pocket you'll find a nylon bag to put your worn items in so the dirty clothes stay separate from any unworn items, which should remain on hangers. You will be the first to see any $5 items we have available, which include athleisure-wear, pajamas, swimsuits, and other non business professional attire we have available for purchase only. If we include some of these in your bag they are not to be worn as part of the rental and will be separate and have a note on them so you know. If you decide not to purchase them just leave them hanging.

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